a visualization of ocean and weather conditions in Indonesia

forecast by Ina-COAP

updated daily based on the GFS data


Wave and Ocean Prediction

updated daily

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 D3.js, backbone.js, when.js, node.js

Weather Data |

 Global Forecast System 0.25 degree Lat/Lon
 NCEP / National Weather Service / NOAA

Ocean data |

 WAVEWATCH III for wave, HYCOM and ROMS for Ocean Predictions
 Center of Geodetics and Geodynamics, Gravity Control Networks and Tides Division

GRIB/NetCDF Decoder |


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 Natural Earth

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 Gravity Control Networks and Tides Division, Geospatial Information Agency

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 M+ FONTS, Mono Social Icons Font

weather and ocean data are generated from numerical models implies no guarantee of accuracy